2012 Pro Class Rules

After some debate and hearing feedback from the racers, the Board of Directors has made some adjustments to the rules for 2012. As of today, the new Pro Class rules take effect.

Image by Stephan Geyer

Visit the Rules page to download the current rules.

Below is a quick list of some of the changes and brief explanation for the rule adjustment(s):

Approved Snowmobiles (Sec. 2.2.1.)

  • The Arctic Cat F 1100 (non-turbo versions) have been approved for the 2012 race.

Layovers (Sec. 9.12.1.)

  • A flexible (6) six hour layover. The addition of this new layover is to give racers more options for strategy and the opportunity to stay in the race.
  • Skwentna is now an official layover location.
Fueling Procedures (Sec. 13.6.)
  • Fueling is a focused process. When refueling the snowmobile, no other activities are permitted.
    In an effort to increase safety for racers and volunteers, the Board ruled that fueling deserves undivided attention.
  • Helmets should be relatively unmodified. (Sec. 4.3.)
  • Better bivy sacks/bags should be of higher quality and actually serve to protect racers in case of a real-life survival situation. (Sec. 5.2.)

You can always find the current rules listed under the For Racers -> Race Rules tab.