2012 Starting Order

In case you missed our Hall of Fame and Racer Drawing Banquet last night, here’s the official starting order of the 2012 Iron Dog Pro Class. See notes below.

Dusty VanMeter and Marc McKenna draw first position for 2012

Photos from the 2012 Expo on Facebook

Starting PositionTeam #RacersStart Time (24 hour clock)Start Interval (H:MM)Hold Time in McGrath (H:MM)
117Dusty VanMeter and Marc McKenna11:100:001:06
22Ryan Sottosanti and Andrew Zwink11:120:021:04
322Randy Gravatt and Michael Swiantek11:140:021:02
415Don Redick and Rob Robinson11:160:021:00
539Tyler Aklestad and Aaron Loyer11:180:020:58
63Wayne Wold and Doug Dixon11:210:030:55
74Robert Gardner and David Hammond11:230:020:53
825Race Price and Eric Watson11:250:020:51
916Todd Minnick and Nick Olstad11:270:020:49
1011Todd Palin and Scott Davis11:290:020:47
1132Brad Dietrich and Tim Jauhola11:320:030:44
1220Jana Peterson-Pevan and Carl Swenson11:340:020:42
1318Bob Jauhola and Tom Kriska11:360:020:40
1410Mike Morgan and Chris Olds11:380:020:38
158Tyson Johnson and Chad Gueco11:400:020:36
1629Robbie Muir and Jeremiah Jones11:430:030:33
176Tyler Huntington and James 'Tre' West11:450:020:31
189Darrick Johnson and Donald West11:470:020:29
1940Arnold Marks Jr. and Archie Agnes11:490:020:27
2013Cody Barber and Brad George11:510:020:25
2121Stan Brown and John Dean11:540:030:22
2219Arthur 'Gux' Laraux and Steven Boney11:560:020:20
2331Charlie Potter and Lee Harrison11:580:020:18
2428Joseph Brantley and Frank Ferreira12:000:020:16
2527Rusty Goodman and Lawrence Jones12:020:020:14
2623Paul Dick and Brian Dick12:050:030:11
2733Kelly Sommer and Harold Warner12:070:020:09
287Norman Sheldon and Raymond Wells12:090:020:07
2936Harold Attla and Archie Beetus12:110:020:05
3030Elaine Jackson and Jeremy Hanson12:130:020:03
315Howard Darling and Justin Robertson12:160:030:00

Download the 2012 Start Order (Excel file)


Starting Time
The Official Start of the 2012 Iron Dog begins at 11:10 a.m. The ten minute delay allows for our live TV broadcast by KTUU Channel 2.

Start time intervals
Notice there are two minute intervals and three minute intervals. These odd breaks will ensure that every team gets complete coverage for the TV broadcast.

McGrath hold time
This “hold time” in McGrath is designed to get teams closer together on the trail. Basically, we are holding teams that leave earlier to get them closer together physically on the trail (adjusting their actual distance from one another on the ground to closer represent their course time separation).

Sorting the Team Bios:

You can sort the Team by Team, Starting Order and Manufacturer
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