2013 Nome Finishing Times

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19, 2013, 9:15 Alaska Time.

Clarification of Teams Arriving into Nome

After an amazing run up the coast, we experienced a very exciting finish with teams crossing the line just 23 seconds apart. Team #23 did cross the line first, but their course time was actually just under a minute behind that of Team #17.

There was some initial confusion about who was in first place, but the simple answer is to look at who has the shortest course time. Team #17 has the least amount of time on the trail and is the fastest team to reach Nome. Details about the Contingency Prizes can be found here, add the key is to read the definitions closely. Many prizes are based on the fastest course time (not necessarily the first to arrive in a location).

Congratulations to Team #23 for a hard fought race and their gains made along the coast.


  1. geeeez says

    yes you won but it is our fault you are now second and oh yeah lets see who else we want to screw with before anyone really sees the real results,so who bribed the Nome judges huh?

  2. says

    That is unfair to team 23. I am sure they raced hard to come in first to Nome, and were first to Nome. If they were let go at the right time, I know they would have gone 1 minute faster to reach Nome first. The two teams raced to Nome and 23 won that race. Bring on the lawyers.

    I am a Ski-Doo man & don’t like cats winning, but fair is fair. The cats made it to Nome first. Irondog screwed up; don’t screw the winners out of their winnings.

  3. lmentzel says

    Since this is now even more confusing…

    IronDog should give 36% of the $10k to the last place losers. The winners don’t need the cash because they are probably rich. So keep the balance! Then issue bright pink participation ribbons to all racers. This will ensure everyone is happy and had a gay old time. (Joke)

  4. says

    Maybe those complaining about the 1st to get somewhere forget about the staggered start at Big Lake just 2 days ago. Would those folks like to see a motocross type start in the future. Officials [and the racers all really do understand this] explain over and over it;s a ‘timed race’!

  5. says

    But the release times are adjusted back at Mcgrath, so that the teams are actually racing from that point on. The Irondog messed up the release times, or so they say, and now are claiming that the 2nd place team arriving into Nome, is now “really” first. Not fair. The riders rely on the Irondog to release them correctly, and now find out after racing to Nome, that the times were wrong?

  6. Tim Jauhola says

    All of this is is a bunch of wineing about a mistake that was made. I have to give them some credit for finding the mistake and doing what they could to correct it. Please remember that this is a volenteer run race for the most part and that it’s not a perfict world.

  7. disappointed fan says

    This is a problem with not having a dedicated way to write down the in/out times through out all the check points that all volunteers know and understand. Normally a few seconds or minutes off wouldn’t matter but this year they do. You made the wrong call Iron Dog. What you should have said is “we had a problem on our end with accuracy, we appologize.” And “that OBVIOUSLY the team who crosses the line first is the FIRST team.” Are you telling me that if this happened at the finish the first team wouldn’t be the winner of the whole race? Shame on you Iron Dog. You made the wrong call!

  8. sabie says

    good job to all the racers and people who help make it a race yes even if we make a mistake along the way it wouldnt or couldnt be a race without us helping along the way.

  9. rickyracer says

    absolutely brutal. This is not a mistake. Teams know when another team is coming behind them and have the availibility to race when they see another team. First to nome wins the money plain and simple. Cant say oops.

  10. carl nevada says

    Don’t make a emotional claim to insult others. Its a difficult task that the volunteers do. If you look closely at the recorded times from check point to check point the half way winner is clear. I stand behind the volunteers, the race officials and all the dedicated teams to this race. I will not believe that anyone would intentionally take away from any team the hard earned seconds, minutes or hours to compete in a race that has no other in comparison.

  11. RaceRan says

    Need to move to a better system. Just take the layovers off the clock and leave all the rest on the clock. IN times only. Basically you are clocked from the start to the finish minus layovers. It’s too hard to guarantee accuracy of in AND out times. Hard enough to just get IN times correct. With this system it could result in a finish issue and that would kill the credibility of the race… The boys across the line first deserved the prize.

  12. AlsoRan says

    The accuracy of the out times is suspect. If you look at teams down in the pack, they don’t even have times for them. It should be first person across the line wins with after differential and layovers are deducted.

  13. says

    I will admit, I thought the cash went to the first team to Nome, IR, my bad. I think this may clear things up, at least for me. Course times are adjusted at McGrath, but the last layover checkpoint (for each team) will govern who will leave/get on the clock again, so from Unalakleet, in this case, the first team to Nome is the first team to arrive in Nome, but the cash goes to the fastest team to Nome, so #17 just maid up some time. Now how will the finish be settled, the first to cross the finish may not be the winner?

  14. Kevin Smith says

    So they knew that the snafu happened at the very start of the race and they didnt think it mattered to inform anybody until AFTER they reached Nome??

  15. Keep It Simple says

    A simple apology from the director about the officials not correcting the course time in Mcgrath would have done him a lot better than going on and on like we are all stupid and don’t understand course times. Oh, you mean these guys are on the clock, none of us retards new that.
    The Big Lake stagard start times have always been compensated for by making appropriate hold times in Mcgrath, making it out like there was no mistake made is not winning the director any fans. Most fans of the Iron Dog understand there is a lot of potential for the volunteers to make a simple mistake and could easily get past that. So calling it like it is would be a much better approach. We do very much appreciate all the work the volunteers do, we don’t appreciate the tone in the directors non-apology message. For the last few decades, the first team to Nome was the first team to Nome, trying to make it out differently is just confusing people.