2014 Starting Positions

2014 Pro Class Starting Order

Download 2014 Starting Positions (.csv)

122Robert GardnerVeteranSki-Doo
122Andrew MilleyRookieSki-Doo
213Jason GundersenRookieSki-Doo
213Josh NorumRookieSki-Doo
310Mike MorganVeteranPolaris
310Chris OldsVeteranPolaris
418Chad GuecoVeteranSki-Doo
418Andrew ZwinkVeteranSki-Doo
523Brian DickVeteranArctic Cat
523Eric QuamVeteranArctic Cat
640Arnold Marks JrVeteranPolaris
640Archie AgnesVeteranPolaris
78Tyler AklestadVeteranSki-Doo
78Tyson JohnsonVeteranSki-Doo
817Marc McKennaVeteranSki-Doo
817Dusty VanMeterVeteranSki-Doo
930Kyle ConnerRookiePolaris
930Jerrod VaughnVeteranPolaris
103Doug DixonVeteranYamaha
103Mike VasserRookieYamaha
114Tim JauholaRookieSki-Doo
114Kyle MalamuteVeteranSki-Doo
1236Archie BeetusVeteranPolaris
1236Ryan FolsomRookiePolaris
137Aaron BartelVeteranSki-Doo
137Scott DavisVeteranSki-Doo
1437Mike DropikRookiePolaris
1437Marcus JensenRookiePolaris
1527Tyler DelimontRookiePolaris
1527Larry JonesVeteranPolaris
1621Calvin SchaefferVeteranSki-Doo
1621Gabriel Lie-SchaefferRookieSki-Doo
176Andy GeorgeVeteranSki-Doo
176Brad GeorgeVeteranSki-Doo
182Shane BarberVeteranPolaris
182Ryan SottosantiVeteranPolaris
1920Gabe BunkeRookiePolaris
1920Scott FaeoVeteranPolaris
2031Chad DowRookieSki-Doo
2031Tim LessardRookieSki-Doo
215Chris CarrollRookiePolaris
215Ray ChvastaszRookiePolaris
229Joshua PlumbRookieSki-Doo
229Jordan StarrRookieSki-Doo
2311Tyler HuntingtonVeteranSki-Doo
2311Todd PalinVeteranSki-Doo
2416Todd MinnickVeteranPolaris
2416Nick OlstadVeteranPolaris
2524Michael DonovanRookiePolaris
2524Jens HopsonRookiePolaris
2629Russ GriffinRookieSki-Doo
2629Chris KruseRookieSki-Doo
2741Cory DavisVeteranArctic Cat
2741Ryan SimonsRookieArctic Cat
2832Dick DivelbissRookieSki-Doo
2832John WitteRookieSki-Doo
2912Roger ParadiseRookieSki-Doo
2912Eric WatsonVeteranSki-Doo
3025Race PriceVeteranArctic Cat
3025Erick SmithRookieArctic Cat
3134Chris CollinsVeteranSki-Doo
3134Lawrence JonesRookieSki-Doo
3235Scot DemientieffRookieSki-Doo
3235Devyn WalkerRookieSki-Doo
3326Jacob HartleyRookieArctic Cat
3326Devin LaBarberaRookieArctic Cat
3415Charlie PotterVeteranArctic Cat
3415Ryan JohnsonVeteranArctic Cat
3533Mike FullerRookiePolaris
3533Eddie KinnRookiePolaris
3638Doss DaleyRookiePolaris
3638Cory EasterlingRookiePolaris
3719Steven BoneyVeteranYamaha
3719Gux LarauxVeteranYamaha
3814Mark TopeVeteranSki-DooSCRATCH, DNS
3814Mike TopeRookieSki-DooSCRATCH, DNS




  1. Joyce Logan says

    Love the Iron Dog sorry to not be there but ill be there is spirit Good Luck to all the Guys and Gals Have a safe trip and ride fast

  2. Michael Cummings says

    God bless Team #11: Tyler Huntington & Todd Palin.
    On their Ski-Doo’s. I wish I was there!
    Instead of saying “be safe” I’ll say: WIN!

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