And Now The River Run

Closing in on Tanana

Most teams are still on layover right now. While most are still waiting, Team #17 and Team #23 just left Unalakleet around 10:30 P.M. only 4 minutes apart to kick off of the race up the Yukon River.

Teams are required to take another 10 hours layover on the river before they make their way to Tanana this Friday afternoon. Strategies differ, but many will likely layover in Galena.

Once all the teams complete their mandatory layovers, all remaining teams will be held in Tanana for some great food, company and short rest before they are released Saturday morning for the Finish line.

The release times in Tanana will be calculated by the Race Marshals based on the split time between top finishers and the timing required to get the winners on live TV. Stay tuned for these, sometime late Friday night.

See you all in Fairbanks!