Barrow Morgan

Barrow Morgan had a unique ability to get people excited about the Iron Dog. From establishing relationships in villages to opening his shop to racers, Barrow provided unparalleled support for many years. Barrow’s heart was dedicated to helping young racers make their mark.

His heritage and excitement of racing has been handed down through the generations. Barrow will always be remembered for his passion and love. Many will simply remember him as “friend”.


  1. Robert L Dunbar says

    There is a lot of Alaskan history behind the Morgan family. Barrow made his own during his many years in Nome. I went to high school in Nome with his wife, Donna, and my family knew him and his parents for many years. I’m glad Barrow was so honored like this. I’m sure all of Nome’s snowmobilers knew him and many of the Iron Dog riders. I knew him as quiet but with a twinkle in his eye, witty, and an all around good family man.