Dan Zipay

Dan Zipay

They say that every dog has its day, and Dan Zipay has certainly had his share.  A five time champion of the Iron Dog, Dan holds a title that is rarely met.  He is the only racer in Iron Dog history to take first place on the same brand.  In this case Dan’s preference is Polaris.  One wonders if this is why so many rookies select this as their brand of choice.

Dan found his winning streak in 1986, 1987, and 1988 with partner John Faeo.  Together, they hold a tie record for most consecutive wins.  In 1992 he partnered with Evan Booth and they shared the victory.  They tasted victory again in 1994.

Determination, guts and skill is what makes a champion a champion.  Dan has truly been an inspiration to many racers during his racing career, and far into his retirement.  Dan is married to Roberta, and has eight children.  Dan remains active in the snowmobile community.

Race History

1984 – 4th

1985 – DNF

1986 – 1st

1987 – 1st

1988 – 1st

1989 – DNF

1990 – 4th

1991 – 3rd

1992- 1st

1993 – 2nd

1994 – 1st

1995 – DNF

1997 – DNF

1998 – 2nd

1999 – DNF

2001 – DNF

2004 – 4th


  1. Justin Andersen525 says

    Dan congratulations on your achievement into the hall of fame it is well deserved I know it has been quite a long time I have seen are head of you I would ask Evan how you were doing every other year or two. I thank you for supporting the Booth family and Enjoy the RIDE
    SSG Andersen Justin
    10th MTN DIV
    3rd IBCT 1-32IN HHC