Fastest to Nome

Congratulations, Team #17

Marc McKenna and Dusty VanMeter were the fastest team to reach the halfway mark in Nome. For their efforts, they will be rewarded with a nice long layover in Nome and a $10,000 Gold Rush prize sponsored by Donlin Gold. This is their third year in a row to take home the gold.

Stay tuned for photos and images from the Nome Halfway Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Check out the list of all the Contingency Prizes for this year.


  1. akhunter says

    Who is actually in the lead? The time in shows team 23 but total time shows Mcenna and Vanmeter as leaders

  2. unoffical fan says

    right now they changed the stats now 2nd 3rd and 4th are seconds apart with 3rd and 4th one second apart,does anyone really know is going on?