Galena Teacher: Ross Tulloch

2013 Galena Teacher

Ross Tulloach, Science Teacher, Galena, Alaska

My name is Ross Tulloch and I grew up in Petersburg, AK. Petersburg is a fishing town so naturally I spent a lot of time on the water, either swimming, water skiing, fishing and working. I live in Galena now and teach science. One course I teach is Integrated Village Science. This course focuses on the science behind the things we do as part of everyday life in bush Alaska. Galena is on the Yukon and has a population of about 500. Most of the high school students are from other communities as we have a boarding school here. It is a passion of mine to interact with students and find ways for them to become engaged in real world skills. Since most of us in the village travel by snowmachine, the Iron Dog is a great application of science to our daily lives.

My free time is spent playing games, hanging out with my family, snowmachining, and building or making things. My summers are primarily spent commercial fishing for salmon.

My wife, Wendy and I have three girls, ages 8, 6 and 4. and have lived in Metlakatla and Montana in the 11 years we have been married. In 5 years, I’ll probably still be teaching school and commercial fishing. In twenty years, I’ll be spending time traveling, and hopefully spending quality time with my family. Three places I’d like to visit in the world would be New Zealand, Antarctica, and somewhere else remote and warm like Tobago where we can spend time playing in and on the water.

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  1. Pat Burrell says

    Hi Ross,

    I really enjoyed reading your biography and am so pleased to learn that you’re a teacher in Galena, Alaska.


    Pat Burrell (your first grade teacher in Petersburg, AK‚