Butch Novak

Butch’s experience with the Iron Dog Race began as a competitor in the trophy class. He raced with his partner Phil Williams in 1996, 1997, and 1999. Following the 1997 race Butch felt so strongly about the event that he helped persuade Spenard Builders Supply to support and sponsor the Poorman Checkpoint.

In 1998 Butch was elected to the board of directors and from 2000 – 2010 he was instrumental in organizing and manning the Poorman Checkpoint. For 10 years, Butch spent his vacation time in what he called “Beautiful Downtown Poorman” and without his contributions the race could not have continued.

In 2010 Butch retired from SBS and the Iron Dog Board, but his legacy will live on.


  1. Joycealogan says

    Congrat to you Butch you have earned it for sure with all the help you have been through the years. Did you speak a long time darn should have been there to finish my speech haha

  2. Eric Johnson says

    Congratulations Butch.  It was always a pleasure to spend time on the Board with a no nonsense down to earth person that said what was on his mind and meant it, and then backed it up with selfless dedication to this great event. You will be missed.

  3. Jim Palin says

    Butch –  Well deserved and thanks for your support to the Iron Dog for many years

    Jim Palin