Harriett Fenerty

Harriett Fenerty in the Iron Dog office

Thank you Harriett!

Harriett Fenerty is one of our Hall of Fame recipients and a long-time pillar of the Iron Dog organization. She has again made a positive mark in 2011 through her dedication to volunteerism and strong leadership skills. Harriett has already volunteered weeks worth of effort this year, assisting the new staff with all kinds of great tips, suggestions and hands-on work getting things lined up.

It’s truly hard to convey in writing the level of energy that Harriett brings to the Iron Dog headquarters. We are truly blessed to have her help this year. If you see Harriett, be sure to personally tell her Thank You!

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  1. Luann Harrelson says

    Harriet did an awesome job of keeping up on who’s where, doing what, why things aren’t “perfect” (alas it is Alaska), and keeping the mood very upbeat. Kudos to you.

  2. Mark80103 Mark Allen says

    Harriet is such a helpful person. I would love to me her; just not a facebook friend. I know her work must be outstanding just from the small time I’ve known her on facebook.