Iron Dog TV Production

The Iron Dog Greenlights new TV Production for the 2011 Season.

Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A., 14 December 2010 — The Iron Dog Race announces the agreement to develop a new TV special episode with local film and television production company 59th Parallel Productions, Inc.

This first ever look at the reality of what makes the Iron Dog so unique, this new production will focus on the human drama, extreme environmental challenges and remote Alaska communities that measure up to Iron Dog’s slogan of being the World’s Longest, Toughest Snowmobile.

Filming is scheduled to begin before the end of the month and will cover more than 2,000 miles of Alaska’s backcountry including more than a dozen communities, both rural and urban.

59th Parallel Productions, Inc. is bringing together a team of acclaimed producers and crew sourced locally in Alaska to make this “Iron Dog Special” a first class production. The team includes 2009 Emmy award winning Cinematographer, Richard Cooper of Frostline Productions and 59th Parallel Productions founder, Tim Delarm who also carries a hefty resume of television and film production experience including work for CBS Sports, HBO and many others.

“We are genuinely excited to be in a position to develop a new TV show about the Iron Dog. This effort is due to the generous support of our sponsors as well as the genuine interest by 59th Parallel Productions to make this a reality. Our goal is to shine a light on what makes the Iron Dog such a rugged and unique event, which touches more Alaska communities than any other race of its kind. I can’t wait to see it!” said Kevin Kastner, Iron Dog Executive Director.

Airing of the final production is currently scheduled for release as a special episode of Alaska Outdoors Television as early as April 2011. Alaska Outdoors Television presently airs locally on FOX 4 KTBY and premieres nationally on the Outdoor Channel Dec. 31, 2010. Future airings are planned, but have not yet been released.


For more information:
Kevin Kastner, Executive Director
(907) 563-4414


  1. says

    Hi cat – Yes. We hope to air via Alaska Outdoors Television nationally on the Outdoor Channel as soon as April 2011. If that doesn’t come through, we’ll be working to find a network in the Fall/Winter of 2011…but we will get it out there to the L48!

  2. cat says

    I just found out that comcast does not offer the Outdoor Channel. I do hope it is also picked up by another network. Maybe the show could be offered for sale after it has run on TV?

  3. says

    We definitely intend to find more outlets for the show. I’ll start exploring now, what can be done to ensure we land on Comcast. And, yes we do plan to make the show available on DVD/Bluray after its had a chance to air on TV.

  4. ginny adamian says

    If you want to have a great show contact Steve Piper a racer in the Iron Dog. He will no doubt be in the top three if not the winner! He was a long time resident in Alaska currently living in Idaho. He could give you a great interview!

  5. SUSAN says

    I would love to purchase a DVD of the race production. That would be awesome! I think many in L48 would be interested in watching it if given the proper advertising so they know exactly when to watch. I would suggest promoting the start of the race and race finish to major news networks.

  6. Tommy says

    Betcha that Sarah Palin stands to get a lot of tax credits from the State of Alaska for doing this show. Another ripoff of the State of Alaska residents by the half term guv.