Iron Dog Winners

Winning Riders


Photo by Roger Clifford

Over the 32 year history of the Iron Dog, 23 different riders have won the event. 15 have multiple titles, 8 have won only once. As of 2015 there is now a second generation family name with a championship title when Scott Faeo won the race with Eric Quam. Scott’s father John Faeo and Scott Davis are tied with the most victories:

Scott Davis, 7
John Faeo, 7
Dan Zipay, 5
Mark Carr, 4
Todd Palin, 4
Dusty Van Meter, 4
Mark McKenna, 3
Bob Gilman, 3
Nick Olstad, 3
Todd Minnick, 2
Evan Booth, 2
Dwayne Drake, 2
Tyler Huntington, 2
Chris Olds, 2
Eric Quam, 2
Tracey Brassard, 1
Gary Eoff, 1
Rod Frank, 1
Ken Lee, 1
Andy George, 1
Bill Long, 1
Mark Torkelson, 1
Scott Faeo, 1

No all-rookie team has won since the first race when all racers were rookies. Only one all-women team has finished, Jackie Page and Missy McClurg in 2001. The third woman to complete the Pro Class, finishing in downtown Fairbanks was Jana Pevan-Peterson in 2012.


Winning Brands

All 4 major manufacturers have won the Iron Dog:

Polaris, 15
Arctic Cat, 10
Yamaha, 3
Ski-Doo, 3

Polaris has the current victory in 2015 and Polaris won 3 races in a row from 2010 to 2012. Ski-Doo’s first victory came in 2004, then two back to back victories in 2012 and 2013. Prior to that, Arctic Cat won 10 of 12. Yamaha won 3 times in the first 7 races but has not won since 1990. There are a total of 31 wins in the 32 year history of the Iron Dog due to the fact the race was cancelled in 2003.


Race Routes of the Iron Dog

2015Anchorage – Big Lake – Nome – North Pole –Fairbanks2,050*
2011 – 2014Big Lake – Nome – North Pole –Fairbanks2,031
2006 – 2010Big Lake – Nome – Fairbanks1,971
2005Wasilla – Nome – Wasilla2,000
1998 – 2004Wasilla – Nome – Fairbanks1,971
1993 – 1997Wasilla – Nome – Wasilla2,000
1984 – 1992Wasilla - Nome1,049
*19 miles of caution flag riding, 2,031 racing miles.


  1. Akirondog says

    In 2004 and I think in at least one other year. 2001? the race started in Fairbanks and finished in Wasilla/Big Lake.

  2. AukNative says

    ski-doo is the one with the least and my friends tell me its the best but the irondog results tell the truth ski-doo sucks

  3. dogs india says

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  4. Tjauhola says

    3rd place don’t remember what year but it was the Earl and Justin Esmailka from Kaltag on polaris

  5. harold lambert says

    3rd Place 1988–Harold Lambert, Frank Lane from Kotzebue. First inupaiq and native team to Place in the Iron Dog..Last team to place with a fan cooled sled.

  6. Sweetlivenangel4teen says

    polaris will all wise win junk doo aint got nothin on that same with artic crap

  7. Nermal says

    I had a ski-doo TNT 640 and it was the only machine to finish a race in northern Sk. in 1979 when I did it.

  8. Iron Dog says

    We do, but it appears that all the archives need some work (since we launched the new site, some things have been misplaced)

  9. Maryanne Owen says

    My dad and brother raced in the first Iron Dog in 1984. Father/ son team and placed 3rd. Has there been any other father/son teams?
    Kenny and Darrell Howard

  10. says

    23 finishing teams. Percentages below calculated (% = #/23)
    #1 Polaris

    Team Brands: top 10, total finishers (23), total scratches
    Polaris: 5 (26%), 10 (43%), 2 (20%)
    SkiDoo: 3 (13%), 7 (30%), 12 (60%)
    Artic cat: 2 ( 6%), 5 (21%), 0 (0%)
    Yamaha: 0 ( 0%), 1 ( 3%), 1 (3%)

    Interesting stats. Scratches are revealing. I don’t have skin in the game but have been looking at many machines as plan to buy soon…