Preliminary Race Roster

Download: 2011 Pro Class Roster Final Review

We’re happy to announce that we now have our Pro Class roster ready for review. There are thirty teams this year, with racers coming from as far away as Nome and Florida. The following roster is a first draft document that is still in the editing process. Our goal is to have the bios, photos and sponsor information up no later than the end of November.

Please review the roster information and get in touch with the office ASAP with edits, corrections or additions!

Everyone Else
Note that this roster is subject to change, so don’t count on this being the final word!

Note: This is a preliminary review copy and may have errors, please do not use for media purposes.


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    FYI. The final review for Pro Class ends this Sunday night. ALL BIO DATA IS DUE MONDAY MORNING November 29, 2010. We have a firm print deadline that cannot be delayed. What you see in the coming final draft will be what gets printed in our Official Program!

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    NOTICE! The roster is closed and no edits will be allowed after this notice. The final roster will be posted before the end of the week.