Restart On The Coast

The next step for the race is to reset and restart from Unalakleet. Teams will make their way down the coast this morning and get organized for a restart based on their split times from Nome.

The Race Director (Marshall) will make a judgement call once all teams are into Unalakleet to determine the next series of layover times in an effort to get the teams to Fairbanks for a daylight finish. At this time, we are planning for a Sunday finish in downtown Fairbanks around 1 p.m.

Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Akrider says

    Sounds like a good way to deal with the uncooperative weather conditions and keep everyone safe. Safety is the #1 priority and has to be adhered to otherwise the event will be uninsurable.

  2. says

    While I agree that safety should be #1 priority, I’m still upset about the fact that when Team 8’s sled caught on fire during filling one of their sled’s up. There was no fire extinguisher around to help put out the fire. IMO this should of been address even before the race started. What would of happened if the one of the fuel drums caught on fire?

  3. Klenters says

    I think safety should be the top priority, also. I think the director is doing a fantastic job, with the unbelievable conditions!

  4. Vlad says

    Hi everyone! This is Vlad, a Russian journalist. I’m now in Unauklit, tried yesterday to get to Shaktoolik and turned back. The water was coming out of the sea as a horror movie and is very fast and flooded all the way. The depth of water on the knee.
    I am happy to be here at this time! Good luck to all racers!

    Vlad Minin

  5. Anonymous says

    A bit off topic, but oh well. What happened was unfortunate. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes something like this to show you what is lacking. I agree that they should have some kind of fire supression system available at the fuel stops, but how long has this race gone on to date without that being a concern or any kind of problem? Now that it has become clear, I’m sure they will address it for the future. Not everything can be thought of ahead of time. Just as much as people ask why the organizers didn’t have this planned ahead of time, I ask why the racers who have done this for decades have not asked or demanded it? Responsibility should be mutual on something like this. The racers have a lot of input on how the race is run. If they see something lacking, they should step up and make it known instead of complain that someone else didn’t take care of it for them. I am not trying to blame just the racers here, just more responding to the common public view of this issue. In this case, the racer chose to let another person fill their sled. I know I wouldn’t do that, but they have a lot going on and did for whatever reason. There is always going to be some risk because you really don’t know if that person (volunteer) is skilled at what they are doing.

    Two changes I would make for future runnings of this race:
    1.) Fire extinguishers avaialable near (not right at the fuel, but maybe 10-20 feet away so they would not be involved in a fire themselves and be usable) fuel barrels at all race-sanctioned fuel stops.
    2.) Racers are required to fuel their own sleds at race sanctioned fuel stops (on their own if they choose to get fuel at alternate locations or from alternate sources along the way).

    Just my view.

  6. says

    Great response. I been following the Dog for years, but I’m also not in AK or had the chance to witness it in person. I guess most of us or at least me would of assumed fire extinguishers would of been in place as a safety precaution long ago. In my type of business they are required. I also have one in my snowmobile trailer. Let’s hope that something comes out of this for the future running of the race.

  7. team19 says

    I just wanted to add that I also am glad for the excellent race management this year with the earlier start times and layover flexibility. Great judgment call on the yellow flag restart…great race

  8. Nwl says

    Hi Vlad how was your trip so far. You should have much better conditions now, but maybe colder. Eric at Northwoods Lodge

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