Tanana Release Times

PositionTeamNameRelease Time
117Dusty VanMeter and Marc McKenna8:00:00
223Eric Quam and Brian Dick9:04:00
38Tyson Johnson and Tyler Aklestad9:08:00
425Brad George Aaron Bartell9:27:00
510Mike Morgan and Chris Olds9:28:09
611Todd Palin and Scott Davis9:48:00
72Ryan Sottosanti and Andrew Zwink10:08:00
839Shane Barber and Cody Barber10:13:00
920John Faeo and Scott Faeo10:18:00
1015Brad Reich and Chris Collins10:23:00
1140Arnold Marks Jr. and Aaron Marks10:28:00
1221Stan Brown and John Dean10:33:00
1330Geoff Crouse and Jerrod Vaughn10:38:00
1412Robert Strick and Steffen Strick10:43:00
157Bret Brown and Cody Kubitz10:48:00
1636Ryan Johnson and Andy Lachinski10:53:00
173Wayne Wold and Bill Wilkes10:58:00
1819Arthur 'Gux' Laraux and Steven Boney11:03:00
1935Colby Hill and Kyle Motsko11:08:00
2024Roger Brown and Andrew Wessels11:13:00
2128Michael Williams and Vince Salzrurn11:18:00
2237Nathan Whitted and Bo Phillips11:23:00


Tanana is the last hold before sending teams to the Finish line. Racers are held so we can schedule a daylight finish for race fans in Fairbanks and across the planet with KTUU’s Live Stream of the Iron Dog.

Many factors come into play when determining this restart interval including split time separations, number of competitors and getting the winners to the finish line in time for the TV broadcast.

Our goal is to have the 1st place (fastest) team to the Finish around 1:00 P.M. Saturday.


  1. akhunter says

    Could it be because they are an hour and fourinutes ahead ot them! Look at in times to Tanana and it kind of explains it!

  2. earthpig says

    was it bad weather? what was the reason for that much time gained on all the other teams? there is a 20mph difference between 17 and the other teams.

  3. bigfun says

    checking team 23’s time between Ruby and Tanana, they must’ve had a problem. The other top teams were running that leg about an hour faster than 23.

  4. big fun says

    Thanks Carole, for the report.

    Looks like 23 are on the clock wrenching now. I hope they can fix it.


  5. Ashley says

    Because they don’t/can’t all start at the same time. You cannot have 40 teams of two people taking off all at once. They stagger start them. So one team may leave the start an hour after the first team. That is why it is by time and not who crosses first.