Teams are racing up the Yukon

Team 11 into Galena (south)

After a layover near the coast yesterday, most teams have already arrived at their next layover stops along the Yukon River. As of 4:50 A.M. local time, Team 10 is on layover in Ruby with Teams 18 and 15 coming in about an hour or two behind them. Follow their progress with GPS and Current Standings.

Team 9 is in Nulato this morning (6:30 A.M.) at the local clinic after a wreck about 15 miles down river. No life threatening injuries have been reported, we’ve spoken with Don West and Derrick is banged up to the point that they will not be continuing.

Next stop for the leaders will be Tanana, where all teams will be held until Saturday morning for a 7:00 A.M. restart for a daylight finish into Fairbanks.


  1. Thomaskblack says

    Oh boy, Team18 Jauhola/Kriska…. Run those others downing the 1st. place trophy home so we can put it the garage… Ride it like u stole it!!!!!  Tk

  2. says

    hope for a better covered race next year. social media really gave this years race a big boost. maybe the iron dog board could implement something official next year, such as volunteer photographers and videographers at checkpoints. there is internet access in a number of villages, it doesn’t matter if it’s slow. i would be glad to help come up with something that the fans and sponsors would appreciate. with technology improving yearly the way it is, i’m sure it could really promote the Iron Dog to rival the Iditarod