2011 Trail Class Departs

The 2011 Iron Dog Trail Class left Big Lake this morning around 9:00 a.m. on their 2012 Polaris 600 Switchback Adventure sleds. The fresh snow made for an interesting drive out to the lake and the teams were eager to get rolling. The Ambassador Team left the lake with all four riders and already half way between Shell Lake and Puntilla (Rainy Pass Lodge) at the time of this article.

For fun, we cranked out a video about the Ambassador Team #51 leaving the Start this morning using our sweet new iMac (thanks to our sponsor MacHaus).Check it out!


  1. Bedar002 says

    Mike, ride safe..We are watching from N. Ft. Myers, FL. It’s a lot warmer here…the Switchback your riding would have some serious heating problems as it is going to be in the low 80’s today. Good Luck.. L & G

  2. TVH says

    what a cool video and I love the music background. Kudos to the National Guard team and the creator of this awesome video. I liked it!

  3. Mcgrath says

    was that short clip even worth posting. Why is the Iron dog not on real media, like the winter x games and the Iditarod. I grew up supporting these races and I do agree that not all champs need to be pointed out. Yet, where does the average alaskan that lives on this trail, works and waits for it get to watch the whole start, updates and finish other than a blurp on the news read by a kid (who is trying)? Should we keep this hard core race a secret forever or put it on discovery and NATGEO? Just wondering what the people along the trail think about this?