Trail Class Underway

Pushing the Limits

Most of the 2014 Trail Class teams gathered this morning on Big Lake in Big Lake, Alaska for the Start of the Trail Class ride to Nome. Before the race even started, a couple of teams decided to resign from the ride due to personal reasons or concerns about the rough trail. Shortly after the teams took off, some were already experiencing a tough ride and a few more riders had to call it a day.

In spite of the tough trail, many teams have pushed onward and have made it to the typical first layover spot in Puntilla at Rainy Pass Lodge. Follow the Trail Class riders stats online, or follow their GPS trackers.

The trail is hard and tough, we congratulate those who have managed to stay on the trail. We hope to see you in Nome!

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  1. says

    Awesome race that I have always wanted more info on. Too bad there is no blogs/stories on iron dog sites about these incredible machines and riders, and trail conditions and just how they prepared for particular conditions, et

  2. Iron Dog says

    We would love to have more stories here, but alas, we are a non-profit volunteer organization with limited staff.