Weather Worries

The Toughest, Wettest Race?

As of today there have been many reports on the poor weather conditions including Big Lake and many of the river and streams between the Start of the Iron Dog and Happy River (on the way into Puntilla). The ongoing warm weather, rain and winds have created a very big mess especially for the regions near the start of the race. This news is obvious for those of us living here and it’s beginning to make headlines in media and online. While this does present concerns, challenges and doubts about what will happen – the short answer is, there will be an Iron Dog race.

The short answer is, there will be an Iron Dog race.

While the Board of Directors has declared there “will be a race”, we are discussing ideas for alternate locations, should a relocation be necessary. In 2012 we had a similar scare with warm temperatures, overflow and multiple open holes in the ice (thanks to an ice fisherman) right at our staring line. That was only a weekend before the start and we experienced similar panic and concerns. Ultimately, it healed and we adapted to the changes on the lake.

Big Lake 24 January 2014

At this time, no changes are being announced. We have time for weather to change and will assess the situation as we get closer to the starting dates.

It’s important to note that every year, regardless of south-central conditions (good or bad) our racers encounter every imaginable condition along the route. Open water, warm temperatures, no snow, 6 feet of powder, extreme cold, low visibility, etc. etc.

We don’t call the Iron Dog the TOUGHEST snowmachine race just to have a catchy title.


Photo by Frankie Harris from the Big Lake Powersports parking lot overlooking the starting line. January 24, 2014.


  1. Ginger Burns says

    This race has to go on I have family in Bethal and anxious to hear the outcome….GOOD TIMES!

  2. Jackie johnson says

    It’s time to take your pantys off and put your thongs back on with a heavy Kotex to keep you dry for the first day all be safe and have a good hard ride see you in Nome

  3. John says

    You won’t be coming to Nome on a snowmachine. No snow, open water and ice where there used to be snow. Rainy and.fog today. Looks more like May.

  4. James says

    I was able to watch the trail today from Alaska Airlines Anchorage to Nome. Things are looking better if it will just stay cold!